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Solar power inverter

Solar power inverter

Real Tech Co., Ltd. is a solar power inverter dealer of Hyosung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. and markets system-connected solar power inverters for various installation environments based on the technology and reliability of Hyosung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. 

High system compatibility with various environments

ㆍVarious line-ups according to installation capacity of power plant 
ㆍEasy-to-install product environment as like indoor and outdoor  
ㆍEasy serial/parallel configuration of solar module and high solar module compatibility

High-performance/high-reliability power conversion system 

ㆍ98% or higher power conversion efficiency, maximum efficiency through maximum power point tracking
ㆍHigh reliability (20 years or more of design life)
ㆍ Self test facility for high quality and high performance management

Integrated solution for solar power 

ㆍWeb-based solar power monitoring system 
ㆍGrid package including incoming and distribution panel    
ㆍWarranty (5 years), installation and trial run, and warranty extension service 

Hyosung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Solar power inverter
( 36kW / 50kW / 499kW / 500kW / 600kW / 1,000kW )

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