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Energy Storage System (ESS)

ESS stores power from new and renewable power generators or power grid and discharges if necessary. It can be installed and operated in power generation, transmission and distribution, and power systems, and used for frequency regulation, power stabilization of new and renewable energy sources, peak load reduction, load leveling, and emergency power.

It stabilizes output of new and renewable energy by converting new and renewable energy sources which fluctuate according to solar, wind power, and other external environments, into high-quality power. It also secures back power during non-peak time to minimize expensive peak power consumption by effectively responding to power peak and large power failures. It saves power cost, and therefore maximizes energy use efficiency to help stabilize power supply system. 

Advantage of ESS

Advantage of ESS - ESS stabilizes output of new and renewable energy by charging and discharging power from wind and solar power generation systems where power generation is irregular and disconnected.
It minimizes output fluctuation while improving power quality. 

Upgrades transmission and distribution networks, and significantly reduces investment expenditures by efficiently managing local peak power consumption in order to extend the upgrade of transmission and distribution networks
It complements and maintains insufficient capacity of transmission network while stabilizing frequency fluctuation.    

Frequency stabilization for grid system   
Frequency is decreased with higher power consumption, and BESS(Battery Energy Storage System) can compensate for peak load through high-energy discharge of power inverters with sub-cycle response time. 

Energy cost saving for residential and commercial buildings
It stores power when power demand is low and uses it when it is high in order to minimize expensive peak power consumption and save energy cost.
It can maximize energy use efficiency. 

Features of Real Tech PCS for ESS 

ㆍHigh reliability and high efficiency   
ㆍProven technology with PCS design for various customer and markets   
ㆍEasy and precise operation and fault detection system
ㆍEasy interface with external equipments


ㆍConvenient control and operation with HMI   
ㆍImproved display visibility with HMI adopted LED 
ㆍInput/output interface : MODBUS RS-485, MODBUS TCP/IP 
ㆍControl modes : Constant power, constant voltage, and constant current control


ㆍFrequency regulation 
ㆍPower stabilization of new and renewable energy generator 
ㆍPeak shaving 
ㆍLoad leveling 
ㆍEmergency power 
ㆍPower factor control 
ㆍActive/reactive power control 


ㆍHarmonic and disturbance preventive transformer  : 115kVA, 275kVA, 550kVA

PCS for ESS - RTESS series
( 30kW / 50kW / 75kW / 95kW / 250kW / 500kW / 1MW )

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