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    Invisible technology for the future

New & renewable energy

Real Tech Co., Ltd. is a technology innovation leader that specializes in R&D, design, and fabrication of new and renewable energy power inverters.

The new and renewable energy industry is expanding from thermal and nuclear power generation to solar, wind power, energy storage system (ESS) and other eco-friendly energy sources.   
To respond to climate change and promote a new growth engine for the future, we strive to develop technologies that generate and consume energy efficiently.

With extensive design experience and expertise in control technology for new and renewable energy inverters/converters such as Energy Storage System (ESS), solar power, fuel cell, and wind power, Real Tech Co., Ltd. meets different customer requirements by producing the best quality products and providing custom solutions that help achieve economic feasibility and high reliability with high performance. 

R & D

ㆍ 2-Level and 3-Level control algorithm and design know-how 
ㆍ Various line-ups for ESS PCS (30/50/75/95/250/500/1000kW) 
ㆍIndoor and outdoor type configurations considering installation environment
ㆍDevelopment and provision of custom solutions


ㆍCustom design based on user requirements
ㆍQuick understanding of user fabrication concepts and design error validation   
ㆍHigh-efficiency and high-reliability design through structural analysis 
ㆍQuick debugging and improved quality confidence with in-house design


ㆍFabrication with custom design   
ㆍUnnecessary elements are reflected in the design through fabrication.
ㆍMinimized cost and maximized efficiency